Technical Officer for Single-Crystal X-ray Diffraction & Thermal Characterizations (DSC & TGA) Facilities, Chemistry, School of Natural Sciences | Shiv Nadar University
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Technical Officer for Single-Crystal X-ray Diffraction & Thermal Characterizations (DSC & TGA) Facilities, Chemistry, School of Natural Sciences

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Technical Officer
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15 Dec 2021
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As a technical officer, you will be responsible for all aspects of day-to-day maintenance and operation of single-crystal X-ray diffractometer and thermal characterization (DSC & TGA) equipment, the attached low-temperature device, crystal mounting microscope, computer systems, printer, and the relevant software in our Crystallography Laboratory. You will play a key role in collecting diffraction and DSC & TGA data for our faculty and student users. In addition, you will be the contact person for measuring data on external samples (on payment basis) and preparing detailed reports on time (~15% equipment time is dedicated for such services). Your role will also include attracting external users including Industries for payment based services. Moreover, your responsibility will include preventative maintenance and troubleshooting of the equipment and you will take corrective action and contribute to the operational improvements to keep the instrument running with minimum to zero downtime. In this role, you are expected to use your laboratory knowledge and experience to develop and execute experimental programs that meet our needs. You will also have the opportunity to interact with the faculty members and may participate in their research projects. Additionally, you will have the duty of teaching thermal analysis methods, crystallography, etc. to an appropriate level of students as when required by the Department. The additional responsibilities include

  1. Coordinate with the facility/faculty-in-charge on daily basis.
  2. Facilitate smooth functioning of the instruments.
  3. Prepare and analyse samples and maintain logbook on daily basis.
  4. Maintain and manage the lab efficiently and aware of placing orders of consumables etc.
  5. Attract external users for data collection on payment basis and generate revenues.
  6. Should be aware of the equipment basics required for any experiment with prior consultation.
  7. Manage an inventory in the lab and the facility/faculty-in-charge shall have access to the information whenever required.
  8. Shall maintain the record for experimental requirements and maintain records.
  9. Arrange for repair of malfunctioning equipment as soon as possible.
  10. Immediately report (in writing) to eliminate bottlenecks faced during any analysis.
  11.  Manage stocks of consumables and non-consumables required for lab and able to make purchase requests.
  12. Services: Needs to arrange/manage instrument visit for repair/calibration from time to time in conjunction with the facility/faculty-in-charge.

Educational (minimum) Qualifications: M.Sc. degree in Analytical/Physical/Materials Chemistry or closely related discipline.

Required Experience: We are seeking someone with proven skills in diffraction and thermal analysis techniques and with sufficient experiences in either industry or academia where the candidate had sole responsibility for maintaining such a state-of-the-art facility. Candidate should be able to work autonomously and flexibly in a collaborative team environment. A sincere, well-organized and efficient candidate with high communication skill is desired. Literacy on MS excel and MS word is highly preferred.

The position is available from 1st January 2022 and applications will be considered until a suitable candidate is identified.

For further details, please contact

Ms. Saritha Rajan

EA to the HOD (Chemistry)

School of Natural Sciences, Shiv Nadar University

Shiv Nadar University

Tehsil Dadri, District Gautam Buddha Nagar, UP 201314, India.

Email: Telephone: +91 120 3819118

About the Chemistry Department

Chemistry education at SNU provides a link between the fundamental principles governing the nature of the universe and the science of life, and spans learning towards traditional as well as a variety of interdisciplinary courses.

The department is committed to pursue research on fundamental and applied problems by addressing scientific inquiry of both faculty and student investigators for the development of research & innovation in frontiers areas of multidisciplinary domain - a significant value addition to the industry - academia collaboration, a platform for real-world applications.

Department’s research motto has been to work on diversified areas encompassing the breadth and depth of the chemical sciences in both compelling and interesting problems and that too at various interfaces. This realization is possible with advances in collaborative approach between theory, experiments and methodology at domestic and international levels.

All chemistry labs are equipped with fume-hoods, Schlenk lines, eyewash stations and safety showers. Lab facilities include advanced analytical instruments such as Flash Chromatography, Gas Chromatography with MS, Gel Permeation Chromatography, HPLC (Prep & Analytical), FPLC, NMR, LCMS-qToF, MALDI-ToF, DSC, TGA, Single-crystal X-ray diffractometer, Electrochemical analyzer, Fluorimeter, TCSPC, Polarimeter, UV-visible, High-resolution FTIR, Raman spectrometers, Microwave reactor, Inverted microscope, Fluorescent microscope, Host-stage polarized microscope, Bio-safety cabinets, CO2 incubators, Shaker incubators, Glove box, Multimode plate reader, Electroporator, Deep freezer, cell counter and Liquid Nitrogn generation plant.

Computational facilities that include a high performance IBM cluster (“Magus”) having 60-node and 992-cores along with two nodes with GPU processors, delivering a theoretical peak performance of ~30TF. Additionally, several Linux workstations are used for teaching as well as research purposes. Software for bioinformatics and cheminformatics, molecular modeling, molecular dynamics, quantum chemistry, data analysis and statistical learning are also available.

Our library, housed in a modern 5-storey building, provides online access, from anywhere in the campus, to a large number of electronic journals and databases including APS, AIP, ACS, RSC, AMS, SIAM, Springer, Elsevier, Wiley and Nature journals, in addition to various books, e-books and other learning resources.

About Shiv Nadar University, Delhi NCR:

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