3-D Optimization of Neuro-Rehabilitation Therapy for Children with Brain Injury

Principal Investigator: Dr. Prasun Kumar Roy

Funding Agency: La Fondation Dassault Systèmes

Objective of the Project:

The project is about developing a new neurostimulation protocol for young children (including new-borns) - children that are the victims of brain trauma or new-borns who underwent birth asphyxia.

Construction, validation and implementation of 3D Targeted Neuro-Rehabilitation Physiotherapy

3D Focusing of neurostimulation impulses on damaged brain region (with 3D Printed applicator)

Bioinformatics Formulation to enhance neurostimulation efficacy, using Neuroprotective drugs.

Scope of the Project

  • 3-D modelling / Simulation-based therapy planning system for the critical lifesaving sector
  • Damaged brain regions are locally activated, with 3D non-invasive neurostimulation pulsing.
  • Optimization of location of stimulation lead on scalp so that maximal neural fibre connectivity from lead to damaged tissue is established.
  • Development of process to facilitate personalized electromagnetic stimulation therapy through personalised 3D-printed head cap to hold the electrodes, and personalized Finite Element Models of the children’s brains modelled using 3D digital modelling and simulation.
    • Affordable Optimized Physiotherapy Cap for Electro-stimulation, further Enhancing Stimulation Effect by Neuroprotective Drug
  • Selection of drug combinations for further augmenting the efficiency of Neurostimulation.
  • Validate by Clinical Trial Simulator platform for paediatric patients (with collaborating Neurologists).

Deliverables of the Project

  • Stereo Neuro-Rehab Stimulation Platform for Treating Children with Brain Injury.
  • 3-D Spatial Maps of Cerebral Conduction Networks, showing Abnormality due to Brain Injury.
  • Bioinformatics Formulation for additionally enhancing Neurostimulation performance using Neuroprotective drugs.
  • Therapy Planning Protocol for Childhood Cerebral Ischaemia and Stroke.