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SNU believes that every passion and interest is worth exploring and supports any and all exciting ideas that students have for creating new organizations, so long as they are not insensitive or offensive to other members of the University. The student clubs and societies provides each student the opportunity to explore their passion outside their regular studies and collaborate and learn as part of a community that is bound together by shared interests.
CineU - CineU is the film society at SNU, which works towards instilling a sense of appreciation for the art of cinematic creation among interested students. The society screens movies during the weekends and hosts discussion on relevant topics and around the overall theme of filmmaking. CineU also hosts film festivals and other events for the University.

FACTion is the Quizzing society of SNU. Established in 2011, this society has since conducted regular quizzes for students across the University and also represents SNU at several inter – University events. They have won a number of awards for the University at different events.

The society has three levels of membership,

1. Kryshas, The freshman level coordinators
2. Legends, The group that conducts topic-specific quizzes
3. Bratva, The core organizing committee of FACTion

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SAE SNU Collegiate Club

Mechanical Engineering
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  • Contact: Nishant Mishra
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  • SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) Collegiate Club at SNU is one of the biggest and most popular clubs.

    About SAE India:-

    SAEINDIA is an affiliate society of SAE International registered in India as an Indian non-profit engineering and scientific society dedicated to the advancement of mobility industry in India.

    All efforts are on now with a single minded purpose to propel the automotive engineering profession by focusing on three trends occurring in the automotive industry today that affect all automotive engineers and engineering societies. The first of these trends is simultaneous engineering the integration of the roles of design engineer, manufacturing engineer, supplier, marketer, and planner. The second trend is the increased reliance of auto manufacturers on suppliers and design houses to support the design and manufacturing functions. A third factor crucial to an internationalized auto industry is standards as communication, as a basis for regulation, and as an aid to interchangeability.

    The founding principle of the SAE International is to unite scientific and technical staff to perform free academic discussions, to dedicate themselves to the cause of prospering the science and technology for automotive vehicles and to make contributions to speed up the modernization of automotive industry SAEINDIA is a professional engineering society whose membership represents practically every engineering and scientific discipline. Its members combine their specialized abilities to further advance the research, development, design, manufacture and utilization of vehicles which operate on land, water, air and space.

    SNU IEEE Society

    Electrical Engineering
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  • Contact: Naveen Babu
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  •  IEEE Student Branch Shiv Nadar University (IEEE SNUSB)
    IEEE Geo-Code Shiv Nadar University Student Branch: STB17081
    Establishment Date:
      Approved by IEEE on 17th February 2015.
    Student Branch (SB) Chair:
    Marati, PhD Research Scholar, Department of Electrical Engineering.
    SB Counselor
    :Prof. Vijay Kumar Chakka, Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering.
    SB Coordinator
    :Dr. Phaneendra Babu Bobba, Asst.Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering.
    IEEE SNUSB is established under the IEEE Region-10, Uttar Pradesh section, India. 
    SNUSB is consisting nearly 50 members (which includes Student, Graduate Student, Members and Senior Members).
    IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) student branch affinity group Shiv Nadar University
    IEEE Geo-code: SBA17081
    Establishment Date:  Approved by IEEE on 4th February 2016.

    WIE Affinity group Chair: Haarica Murthy, 3rd  year B.Tech Student. Dept of EE

    Few Notable Participation and Recognition (s) to SNU IEEE Student Branch (At National/ International Events):

    1. SNU Student Branch member Mr.Naveenkumar Marati is a member of IEEE India Council Student Activities Committee (SAC) – Industrial relations coordinator for the year 2017-18.
    2. SNU Student Branch members (Mr.Naveenkumar Marati, Mr.Goli Srikant) participated in All India student, young professional and women in engineering congress-2016 (AISYWC-16).
    3. SNU Student Branch members (Ms.Vijaya Meghana Chakka, Ms.Ekta Kapoor) participated in International student, WIE and young professional congress-2015 (Region-10 Asia Pacific).
    4. SNU Student branch participated in UPP mini project competition, India and got selected for final 12 projects throughout India. Got cash award of 15000/- for developing prototype.
    5. SNU Student branch conducted TI Anlogmaker-2015 competition at Shiv Nadar University with Texas Instruments (Edgate Technologies, India). Got Sponsorship of 5- Texas Instrument Watches as the first prize of worth 25000/-.
    6. SNU Student Branch participated in IEEE Programming League 2.0, and ranked overall 5th position across India in April 2016.
    7. SNU Student Branch participated in IEEE Programming contest IEEE Xtreme 2016.
    8. SNU student team has reached a Technical Quiz final conducted by IIIT Allahabad and UP section in 2016.

    IEEE Student Branch Conducts Workshops in every semester:

    Monsoon 2017:

    1. Orientation session conducted to the newly joined undergraduate students on IEEE Student Branch and its activities on 10th August 2017.
    2. A seminar talk by Dr. Gaurang Vakil (Asst. Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, University of Nottingham, UK.) on the topic  “Advancements of Electrical machines and its applications” on 17th August 2017.
    3. MATLAB is conducted during 23rd August to 25th August 2017. The number of participants for the workshop is 50 students (which includes PhD students from Physics and UG students). Delivered by Research Scholars (Naveenkumar Marati, Ashish Kushuwaha, Richards Joe S, Goli Srikanth, Basheeruddin Shah, Vinay Sharma).Workshop

    Events Planned for Monsoon 2017:

    1. On October 3rd 2017, planned to celebrate IEEE day at SNU IEEE SB.
    2. Technical Quiz is planned for IEEE day.
    3. Planned a lecture series of on wireless communication and its applications
    4. Other workshops on Arduino and Rasberry Pi are in pipeline.

    Events Conducted During Spring 2016:

    1. Conducted MATLAB and Simulink workshop in April 16th 2017.
    2. Conducted gaming events during Carnival
      1. Remote controlled Racing competition
      2. Magnet-o-box
      3. Live wire
      4. Pinball

    IEEE Core Committee:
    Faculty Co-coordinators:
    Prof. Vijay K Chakka
    Dr. Phaneendra Babu Bobba
    Founding Chair: Naveen Kumar Marati (PhD Scholar)
    Chair: Indu Sai Teja Nadella (EEE 4 th year)
    Vice Chair: Alapati Sai Varun and Sandeep Prakash (ECE /EEE 4 th year)
    Secretary: Ananth Charan (ECE, 3 rd year)
    Joint Secretary: Keshav Chandak (ECE, 3 rd year)
    Associate Secretary (Membership): Girish (CSE, 3 rd year)
    Treasurer: Akshay (EEE, 3 rd year)
    Freshman Coordinator: Saloni (2 nd year)

    Amulya   (ECE 3 rd year)Secretary:
    Raasi.C and Sandhya (ECE 3 rd year)Vice-Chair:
    (ECE 3 rd year) Haarica IEEE WIE Affinity Group: 

    Year)th2. Paul George (ECE 4
    Year)th1. Niladri Dutta (ECE 4
    Executive Members

    Totem Pole

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  • Contact: Vasundhara Bhojvaid
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  • Through various events, activities, workshops, and discussions, our aim is to add to the culture of this University by spreading different kinds of knowledge and stirring people’s curiosity in an uncommon fashion. The idea is to spread new kinds of thinking about the world we live in and to see as far and deeply as we can.

    Department Activities include theater performances, visiting art galleries, talks, and lectures, annual documentary and film screenings, discussion based on books and readings.

    Departmental Socials including faculty and students collaborating to perform; hold events which involve interactive sessions taking learning beyond the classroom to help students connect social theory with daily life.

    Students pursuing Sociology majors registered in the B.A.(Research) program are members of this club; while those who have Sociology as a minor course are given an opportunity to become a part of the society if they wish to.