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Clubs & Societies

SNU believes that every passion and interest is worth exploring and supports any and all exciting ideas that students have for creating new organizations, so long as they are not insensitive or offensive to other members of the University. The student clubs and societies provides each student the opportunity to explore their passion outside their regular studies and collaborate and learn as part of a community that is bound together by shared interests.
CineU - CineU is the film society at SNU, which works towards instilling a sense of appreciation for the art of cinematic creation among interested students. The society screens movies during the weekends and hosts discussion on relevant topics and around the overall theme of filmmaking. CineU also hosts film festivals and other events for the University.

FACTion is the Quizzing society of SNU. Established in 2011, this society has since conducted regular quizzes for students across the University and also represents SNU at several inter – University events. They have won a number of awards for the University at different events.

The society has three levels of membership,

1. Kryshas, The freshman level coordinators
2. Legends, The group that conducts topic-specific quizzes
3. Bratva, The core organizing committee of FACTion

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  • Contact: Hrishikesh
  • Email:
  • X is a society that makes and conducts quizzes. ID X.

    Dhruva Society

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  • Contact: Somya Srivastava
  • Email:
  • We are a group of enthusiastic students who aim to bring out the true potential in an individual by helping students achieve a focused and relaxed state of mind. We also aim to foster personality development by teaching time management and other critical life skills, essential for achieving individual success through various workshops and talks.

    Debating Society

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  • Contact: Harshvardhan Singh
  • Email:
  • The Debating Society looks toward inspiring the spirit of formal and logical debate with those who would benefit the most from it - the future decision-makers of an increasingly democratic world. After all, most political philosophies of the modern world were built on the ramblings of emphatic debaters!


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  • Contact: Anoushka Dhar
  • Email:
  • At CineU, we take pride in discovering the treasure that is cinema, be it a popcorn classic or an-edge-of-the-seat thriller; be it from the flamboyant sets of Hollywood to the crowded streets of Bollywood, we screen them all! So, be on time, grab a seat and get lost in the magical world of cinema!"

    Campus Caravan

  • Know About
  • Contact: Nandini Nair
  • Email:
  • Campus Caravan is the student-run e-Newspaper of Shiv Nadar University. For more details, kindly click here!


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  • Contact: Anushka Negi
  • Email:
  • AURA is a non-profit initiative to play a bigger role in society and it’s progress. AURA is an initiative to teach students, and provide more wholesome learning experiences to local students from grades 3-8.

    Adventure Club

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  • Contact: Pranav Selot
  • Email:
  • The Adventure Club takes you off the grid, back into the real world to experience the wonders it can hold. In the immortal words from the movie Up - Tents are hard. (They aren't!)

    SNU Civil Engineering Society (SNU-CES)

    Civil Engineering
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  • Contact: Sailesh Behera
  • Email:
  • This society also promotes industry-academic partnership for objective oriented learning and industrial relevance in academic research. Hence, the society has been organizing several industrial visits and job talks form renowned industry person. In recent past, the society has conducted many workshops/ training session for civil engineering software like Revit, STAAD Pro, AUTOCAD, Fusion 360 etc.

    Click here for more detail.

    Genesis - The Life Sciences Society

    Life Sciences
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  • Contact: Richa Priyadarshini
  • Email:
  • Students of Life Sciences department have formed a voluntary student society named 'GENESIS'. The society hosts discussions, talks and events for students & researchers from biology as well as non-biology backgrounds who are interested in the biological sciences. The society is sponsored and funded by the department students and faculties.

    Genesis, the Life Sciences Society was founded in October 2015 with an aim to inculcate and disseminate relevant scientific knowledge through an interactive medium. It acts as a platform for Scientists, Students from various backgrounds and disciplines to collaborate and discuss on recent advances in research. Students are encouraged to explore numerous scintillating branches of the biology; engage in questions related to life sciences and network.

    The society is actively involved in organizing seminars and debates. Our talk series “SYNAPSE” is highly popular among the scientific committee. This year we launched our blog and discussion forum as an extension of our bi-annual newsletter - Central Dogma.

    Do check out our blog at

    Outgoing Core Committee (as of 2017-18):

    Secretary:  Sai Sangeetha.B

    Associate Secretaries: Srihari Negi and Akanksha Awasthi

    Treasurer: Priyamvada Kumar

    Present Core Committee(as of 201819):

    Secretary:  Srihari Negi

    Associate Secretaries: Shraddha Krishnakumar and Surabhi Oberoi

    Treasurer: Tanya Mathur

    ACM-W SNU Student Chapter

    Computer Science and Engineering
  • Know About
  • Contact: Sonia Khetarpaul
  • Email:
  • Motivation
    A preliminary survey among CSE women in the University indicated that they feel inferior to their male counterparts, which results in a lack of confidence that reflects in their performance in interviews. Multiple respondents of the survey reported that with a better culture of inclusion and targeted programs involving women, their participation would surely be higher. Due to the non-inclusive environment, talented women in CS are motivated to leave the field after graduation. Retention of women in CS needs targeted, women-centric measures on part of the University. Very few women in SNU are aware of female-oriented opportunities which would let them represent the University at an international level. The areas that are targeted by existing societies need to diversify, focusing not only on coding programs, but also paying attention to research interests and graduate school aspirations.

    1) To provide a non-discriminatory, inclusive and supportive environment for female students in Computer Science to learn from each other, motivate each other and celebrate each others’ success.
    2) To form a knowledge bank of resources available to women in computing to further their careers and disseminate this information to undergraduates at an early stage.
    3) To increase participation of women in inter-university events, conferences, developer meets, hackathons etc. as representatives of the University.
    4) To connect students with female achievers in different domains of computing to build and foster long lasting mentor-mentee relationships.

    H20 (House of Habers) - The Chemical Engg. Society

    Chemical Engineering
  • Know About
  • Contact: Karan Gupta
  • Email:
  • Students of all years of all types of courses related to Department of Chemical Engineering are its members.