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Clubs & Societies

Shiv Nadar University believes that every passion and interest is worth exploring and supports any and all exciting ideas that students have for creating new organizations, so long as they are not insensitive or offensive to other members of the University. The student clubs and societies provides each student the opportunity to explore their passion outside their regular studies and collaborate and learn as part of a community that is bound together by shared interests.
CineU - CineU is the film society at Shiv Nadar University, which works towards instilling a sense of appreciation for the art of cinematic creation among interested students. The society screens movies during the weekends and hosts discussion on relevant topics and around the overall theme of filmmaking. CineU also hosts film festivals and other events for the University.

FACTion is the Quizzing society of the university. Established in 2011, this society has since conducted regular quizzes for students across the University and also represents Shiv Nadar University at several inter – University events. They have won a number of awards for the University at different events.

The society has three levels of membership,

1. Kryshas, The freshman level coordinators
2. Legends, The group that conducts topic-specific quizzes
3. Bratva, The core organizing committee of FACTion

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Girl Up Shiv Nadar University

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  • Contact: Rishmitha Koppuravuri
  • Email:
  • Local chapter of The Girl Up Campaign - A UN Foundation initiative. Our mission is to promote global tolerance, mutual respect, and equality for all genders by creating impact locally. We want to empower women and make our voices heard louder through our platform.


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  • Contact: Shaurya Singh - 9958037221
  • Email:
  • Our aim is to provide the student body a variety of activities to participate in. The mission of the club is divided into two different kinds of activities, namely offline and online. The offline segment contains various board games, Card Games, etc. The online segment contains various PC and Other games like CS: GO, Call of Duty, DOTA, etc. along with mobile games.



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  • Contact: Arihant Krishna
  • Email:
  • Wula, What You Laughing At, is the Comedy club of Shiv Nadar University which focuses on two different aspects of comedy including stand-up and improv. The club consists of comedians and other members who work backstage to make events possible. The club provides a platform for people aspiring to become comedians and blends between different types of humor. The club also focuses on event management, where an entire show is to be put up by its members who gain experience in the unfamiliar and currently booming industry.

    Collaborative Design for Sustainability

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  • Contact: Dr. Vikash Kumar
  • Email:
  • One of the values of Shiv Nadar University is environmental consciousness, sustainability, and prudent management of natural resources as central tenets of the construction and operation of the university. In line with this value, one of the objectives of this society is to create a sustainable campus that inspires its residents to be aware of and sensitive to environmental challenges. Shiv Nadar University being fully residential has the potential of being treated as a closed environment where sustainability solutions can be implemented and tested. The society sets the following objectives for the academic year 2021-2022.

    1. Spreading awareness and sensitizing campus’ residents to create a sense of responsibility towards sustainable living. It can be done through initiatives like ‘plant a memory’, ‘grow your food’.
    2. Collaborate on identifying sustainability issues and develop solutions (product-service-system) for the University campus.
    3. Release a biannual e-magazine reporting on initiates and solutions developed.  


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  • Contact: Jaskaran Gujral
  • Email:
  • The MUN society of Shiv Nadar University, established in 2011 focuses not only on competing in multiple MUNs across the NCR MUN circuit but is also determined on organizing inter and intra-MUNs. The entire team is determined on achieving these goals and has attended more than a combined 250 conferences, winning and receiving cash prizes in most of them. The society is also going to organize its maiden conference in October 2020.

    Student Energy

    Mechanical Engineering
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  • Contact: Dr. Santanu Mitra
  • Email:
  • A Canadian based non -profit organisation which has embarked on a mission to boost the energy transition from fossils to renewable sources. It creates space within existing institutions for youth to act and shape their energy future. This is done by opening Student Energy Chapters at universities all over the world.


    Artificial Intelligence Club


    Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been described as the ‘fourth industrial revolution’ and It will transform all of our lives over the next few years. Be it Biology, Economics, Electronics, Business, or even Social Sciences, AI can be applied almost anywhere., the Artificial Intelligence Club of SNU is supervised jointly by the Faculty of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. Founded in 2019, it is the first Research Focused Club of SNU. Our aim is to promote AI research at the undergraduate level and to make it accessible to students from diverse majors by helping them apply AI within their area of interest.
    The club organizes frequent seminars and skype calls with both national/international researchers and industry experts who are pioneers in the field. It also helps students take up Industrial as well as Research projects to hone their skills.

    Developer Student Club


    The Developer Student Club brings together people who love to code and create things and promotes collaboration among the skilled and talented on campus. It also acts as a bridge between the students and organizations making opportunities and projects more accessible.



    SNU's Game Development and Virtual Arts society - Virtual & Enhanced reality, artificial Intelligence and Gaming - The society goes to the depth through various aspects of Game development, and by learning and working together with various stakeholders, the society uncovers the potential this field has. Not only Game Development, but the new horizons in the Virtual and Real World, i.e., Artificial Intelligence (Science of getting computers to act without being explicitly programmed) and Virtual Reality isn't left out. 

    More about us

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  • Contact: Dr. Partha Chatterjee
  • Email:
  • Recent Events

    Behavioral Economics Workshop

    The Economics Society in collaboration with BEAST (Behavioural Economics and Science Team), a Warwick University student's initiative, held a workshop in September 2020 on the concept of "Behavioural Economics and nudge theory". It was done to enhance the decision making among students and make them able to understand the science behind their choice architectures. Students were involved in a small experiment to demonstrate and explain the key concepts.

    Economía Del Cartel

    As a part of the Annual online fest of Shiv Nadar University "Kaze", Economics society organised this game event. It welcomed the students from different colleges and universities, to form a cartel of their own and be a part of the underworld trade wars. Cartels were to trade between three goods, mainly Drugs, guns and alcohol while different situations were created in every round.

    Panel Discussion

    A panel discussion on the topic "Healthcare in the face of a pandemic" was held in October 2020, by our distinguished panelists Dr. Rohini Somanathan, professor of Health Economics at Delhi School of Economics, Dr. Aparajita Dasgupta, professor of Health Economics at Ashoka University and Mr. Gopal Agrawal, director of Market Access, Public Affairs and Patient Services. The discussion was moderated by Ms. Diksha Jha, PhD student in the Department of Economics. The discussion aimed at answering the questions surrounding the current state of healthcare in India for the patients as well as for the system as a whole. The event was quite insightful and saw good participation by students across different departments.



    Physics society

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  • Contact: Dr. Santosh Kumar
  • Email:
  • The Physics society @SNU is founded with strong will for nurturing physics in various possible ways. Its sole object is, and shall be, promoting physics and bringing physicists among SNUties. It will  provide a common forum for enthusiast of physics at SNU for discussing subjects of common interest. Moreover, it will invite renowned national and international academicians and researchers among SNUties for enriching  scientific temperament  within and outside SNU.