Cognition and behavior

The human brain is marvellously complex and sophisticated. It mediates our perception of the world around us, generates myriad thoughts, memories, and emotions that make us uniquely human, and controls our immediate and long-term behavioural responses to the environment. The effort to understand the structure, function, and development of the brain in health and disease represents one of the greatest scientific, medical and engineering challenges of 21 century, a “Grand Challenge”, as acknowledged by all three U.S. National Academies: Science, Engineering, and Medicine.

Not only does the study of brain deal with basic biopsychological queries of any individual (as the process of behaviour, cognition, mental operations, or the sense of self), but also has great significance for society’s health and productivity as a whole. An important characteristic of a caring society/nation is how it takes care of the physical and mental wellbeing of its citizens, and how it educates or trains its young professionals in that field. The pursuit of wellbeing is a central factor for long-term growth of a nation. Shiv Nadar Institution of Eminence is committed to contributing to this area through teaching, research and innovation.


Professor Roy is bringing his 35 years of experience to work on several directions in the field such as foundational research on brain structure and function; studies on Brain Health and its enhancement, for diagnosis, prevention, treatment, rehabilitation; brain-inspired artificial intelligence, robotics, prosthetics and assisted-living support or devices; and interdisciplinary research involving psychological, cognitive, and linguistic sciences.

Current projects

Professor Sachin Deshmukh, Professor, Department of Life Sciences, Shiv Nadar Institution of Eminence.