The different techniques for reducing the temperature of the solar cell have been studied and found not only increment in electrical efficiency but also collection of thermal energy, which can further utilise for low temperature applications.

Sun is a vital source of energy for living beings on earth. Solar energy can be harnesses in two ways namely, direct electricity by photovoltaic effects in solar cells and heat energy. The electrical efficiency depends on the solar cell temperature. As the solar cell temperature increases, its efficiency decreases. Therefore, thermal management of PV module to improve its efficiency becomes thrust area for research in recent decades.  The present research included photovoltaic module (PVM) with air-cooling, PVM with water-cooling, PVM plus PCM with and without fins, PVM with nano-fluids. Amongst all discussed photovoltaic thermal (PVT) systems, PV integrated with the nano-fluid is given the maximum temperature reduction.

Faculty: Dr. Sumit Tiwari, Assistant Professor