The current project involves examining the impact of control, management and succession on the corporate decision making undertaken by Indian family firms or business groups in an emerging market context. Despite the high the degree of ownership and control, how these firms undertake corporate restructuring activities that ultimately affects firm performance and shareholder’s wealth in particular is something of great interest to me. In particular, it involves examining the corporate restructuring decisions such as divestitures and also the risk-taking choices undertaken by these firms.

My other project examines the efficacy of regulatory reforms in Indian capital market. This deals with examining the impact of security market reforms on the capital allocation to the IPO firms. I have also worked on the introduction of third category of institutional investors i.e. Anchor investors in book building process and its impact on the issuing frictions.

Ankit Singhal's Ph.D. experience

“It is indeed a great learning experience to pursue my Ph.D. in Empirical Corporate Finance at SME under the able guidance of Prof. Vishwanatha S.R. The course work is well-structured so as to equip the scholars with all the much-needed tools and techniques to carry out research This includes both the qualitative as well as quantitative research techniques being taught by the state-of-the-art faculty members. In addition, the university settings allows a scholar to have one-to-one interaction with their mentor that broadens the horizon to see things differently and also provides a 360 degree critical review of your work.”

Dr. Vishwanatha Ramanna

Ankit Singhal, Ph.D. scholar