Macroeconomics Group


Macroeconomics research at SNU focuses mainly on topics related to emerging markets. To this end, and in contrast to many other economics departments in the country, dynamic general equilibrium models are used to conduct research.

These models, combined with data at various levels, have substantial implications for macroeconomic policy. Some research areas include monetary policy, sovereign/consumer debt, default, and political economy implications. Other topics are related to evaluating and determining optimal institutions, such as fiscal rules and optimal tax policy.

Furthermore, the availability of firm and plant-level data for emerging markets in recent years has spurred macroeconomic research related to the evolution and distribution of productivity. Unlike microeconomic research, dynamic general equilibrium models can inform of various second-order effects that may be significant to the macroeconomy in the short and long run.

Faculty: Trishita Ray Barman, Partha Chatterjee, Kurt Horner, Nirvana Mitra