School of Natural Sciences features amongst the top 30 academic institutions in India as per the prestigious Nature India Index

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The school provides an international ambiance with innovative and engaging teaching methods, globally benchmarked curricula, world-class faculty, and key partnerships in research. The institute encourages group learning and provides value-added hard- and soft-skills workshops along with internships each summer. Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs have been designed based on the University's underlying philosophy of interdisciplinary and research-led learning.

Department Of

The Department is committed to pursuing research on fundamental and applied problems by addressing scientific inquiry and stimulating the development of innovative interdisciplinary research programs. The Department is ranked among the Top 25 in India, in the Nature Index.

Department of Life Sciences

With a maximum number of extramural research grants (more than 25), the Department has instruments on par with any research lab globally.The Department represents various research interests, including fundamental and translational research. Our state-of-the-art labs match the international standards of top-notch universities and institutes worldwide.

Department of Mathematics

Researching diverse areas like functionala nalysis, optimization, algebra, complex systems, artificial intelligence, and Mathematical finance, the Department believes in empowerment through rigorous learning and research in fundamental areas of mathematics. The Department strives to explore new and emerging transdisciplinary knowledge domains relevant to societal benefit and sustainable development goals.

Department of Physics

The Department conducts research with national and international recognition by promoting creativity, excellence, and collaboration. The primary focus areas of research are materials science, condensed matter physics, computational and mathematical physics, particle and dark matter physics, astrophysics, and soft matter physics, which include fundamental and applied researches.

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Research Activity


A Full Length – Mutant RNA Cloud (FL-MRC) was developed for synthesizing HEV mutant clouds, which were transfected in hepatoma cells as an inoculum to study the phenotypic behavior of the...

Protein Structural Biology
Protein Structural Biology

The research aims to work on the structural and functional aspects of the M. tb SUF operon to characterize each protein's role in forming the Fe-S complex at the molecular level. All living...


Research in this field is carried out in Precision NeuroOncology & NeuroVascular Disease Modeling and Translational Neurobiology &  Disease Modeling. Precision NeuroOncology &...

Research Labs

  • Wet Lab
  • Clean Room
  • Protein Structure Biology Lab
  • Cancer Pharmacology Lab and
  • Neurobiology Lab


Academic Partnerships

Academic Partnerships

The School of Natural Sciences recognizes the importance of fostering strong collaborations and partnerships with academic institutions around the world. Through our extensive network of academic partnerships, we strive to enhance research opportunities, promote knowledge exchange, and nurture a vibrant academic community.

Industry Partnerships

Industry Partnerships

At the School of Natural Sciences, we recognize the vital role of collaboration between academia and industry in driving innovation, advancing scientific knowledge, and addressing real-world challenges. Through our extensive network of industrial partnerships, we actively engage with leading organizations to foster mutually beneficial relationships that bridge the gap between theory and application.