B.Tech. in Civil Engineering

B.Tech. in Civil Engineering

The Department offers a four-year Bachelor of Technology degree. Students can obtain a Minor in another department, provided they meet the requirements of that Department. Students from another department can obtain a Minor in Civil if they meet the Civil Engineering department's requirements.

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B.Tech. (Civil Engineering) curriculum

The Department develops scientific rigor and professional expertise in undergraduate students through its broad spectrum of core and elective courses dispersed throughout the Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) coursework. The undergraduate curriculum will mold students into excellent professional engineers by training them in different aspects of Civil engineering through modern technological, analytical, and computational courses. The curriculum encompassing courses from the Common Core Curriculum (CCC), University-Wide Electives along with Major electives, provides the student with a nurturing atmosphere to follow their passion after graduation, be it in industry, governmental position, research, or in their entrepreneurial journey. 

The department offers B. Tech. level specializations in the areas of (I) Sustainable Infrastructure Systems, (II) Water, Environment, and Climate, and (III) Urban Network Systems. UG students also have scope to obtain Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering (B.Tech. in CE) with the option of doing minor in any other stream of interest.

UG students have the opportunity to undertake research projects under the Opportunities for Undergraduate Research (OUR) program with faculty members in any discipline at the university. The students are exposed to practical-based teaching with the help of extensive and diverse laboratory facilities, field visits, and scope of internships at the industry. The different student societies, both at the departmental level and at the university level, provide an immersive learning experience with a plethora of academic as-well-as extracurricular activities. Nurturing the spirit of exploration, innovation, and leadership among our undergraduate students empowers them to embark on their entrepreneurial journey with confidence.  The availability of exceptionally well-trained faculty members, state-of-the-art laboratories, computational facilities, and interaction with industry experts ensures the all-round technological development of our students.