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Department of Electrical Engineering
Vijay Kumar Chakka
Department of Electrical Engineering,
School of Engineering
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Education Details
  • Ph.D Communication Engg,NIT Trichy, 2004
  • M.Tech Communication Engg. NIT Kurukshetra,1993
  • B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engg, J.N.T.U Hyderabad 1991
Professional Experience
  • Associate Professor , Dhirubhai Ambani IICT, Gandhinagar 2008-2013
  • Visiting Researcher, Signals and Systems Dept, Chalmers University, Sweden ,0ct2013-dec2013
  • Adjunct Associate professor , Electrical Dept , IIT Gandhingar,2010-2012,
  • Assistant Professor, Dhirubhai Ambani IICT , Gandhinagar,2002-2006
  • Senior lecturer , ECE dept, NIT Trichy 2000-2002,
  • Lecturer, ECE dept, NIT Trichy,1994-2000,
  • Contributions towards the Research work as Principal Investigator:
Sponsored Research ( Industries)
  • The following work done as a Consultant for the HELLO SOFT Inc. Hyderabad.
  • Development of the VAD and CNG for G.729 audio voice codecs is completed successfully. 1999-2000 (One Lakh)
  • Development of Turbo Equalizers for GSM wireless systems is completed success fully 2000-2002. (One Lakh)
  • Established the MOTOROLA Sponsored DSP and Microcontroller Laboratory at NIT Trichy worth (50 lakhs) by Motorola India Electronics Limited(MIEL) (2000)
  • work done as a consultant for MOTOROLA on Implementation of ADSL Standard using Motorola DSP processor 563xx) during 2000-2002
  • Worked as an advisor (Technical) for Reliance Infocomm ( 2002-04)
  • Established Texas Instruments (TI )sponsored DSP Laboratory at DAIICT worth (20 lakhs) (2005)
  • Worked as a consultant for Mind tree Consulting India ,Ltd for Development of Base band Bluetooth modem(2007-2008)
Sponsored Research (Indian Govt. Organizations): The list of the following sponsored research projects already completed/On going in the capacity of Principal Investigator:
  • “Development of Optimal Tracking Algorithms for Multiple Maneuvering Targets” for Naval Research Board (NRB)funded research project worth (10 Lakhs) sponsored by Ministry of Defence.1998-2002
  • A grant–in-aid project “Development of GUI based software package for Different Estimation filters” funded by DRDO New Delhi. Project no ERIP/ER/0505022/M/01/858 worth 12.83 Lakhs april 2006-2008
  • A Consultancy project on “Developing Torpedo motion analysis algorithms funded by NSTL Vizag india . Project no: NSTL/ SIMTRACK/CARS worth 4.75 Lakhs april 2005- December 2007.
  • A current ongoing grant-in-aid project “Design and Development of SDR/CDR for use in satellite terminals funded by ISRO India.Project no : ISRO/RES/4/591/11-12 (worth 19lakhs)
Research Interests
  • Digital Signal Processing, Statistical Signal Processing, Detection and Estimation theory ,Digital and wireless communication , MIMO and OFDM communication
Select Publications
  1. Arun Joy and Vijay Kumar Chakka : Fast Array Multichannel 2D-RLS Based OFDM Channel Estimator, Springer journal Circuits and Systems and signal processing (Impactfactor:0.982)
  2. Soni, T.Sharma, S. Singh and Vijay Kumar. Chakka “Inverse QR 2D-RLS Adaptive Channel Estimation Technique for OFDM Systems – in IEICE Transactions for Communications Japan Vol: E93-B, No: 10, pp: 2822-2825, 2010. Impact factor: 0.5
  3. I.N. Vishnukanth,VijayKumar Chakka, Akaknsha Jain: SLM Based PAPR reduction of an OFDM signal using New phase sequence- Electronic Letters Vol :45, No :24 Dec.2009 Impact factor: 1.2
  4. Divyang Rawal, Youn-Ok Park, C.Vijaykumar, Hyeong Sook Park, and Hoon Lee :A Joint QR-LS based Coarse-Fine channel estimation and QR-LRL detection For Mobile Wimax 802.16m”, Proceedings at GLOBECOM 2011
  5. Prashant Garg, Mohit Maheshwari, Sammer Dubey, Manjunath Joshi, Asim Banerjee and Vijay kumar Chakka, "Alias Minimization of 1-D signals using DCT based Learning" in proceedings of 53rd IEEE Int'l Midwest Symposium on Circuits & Systems (MWSCAS), Seattle, Washington, August, 2010
  6. Durga Ganesh Grandhi and C. Vijay Kumar : 2-Simplex Mapping for Identifying the Protein Coding Regions in DNA”,paper no.530,proceedings of TENCON-2007 TAIWAN The details of other papers with citations are available at

National and International Recognition
  1. External Review Committee Member of Mareech III (Joint project of NSTL and NPOL of DRDO) for 2006-2008.
  2. Senior Member of IEEE from 2012 onwards
Expert Talks
  1. An intensive lecture series on Statistical Signal Processing was conducted for NSTL Scientists ( D to G) for seven days ( 30-10-08 to 5-11-08)
  2. Presented an expert talk on “ESTIMATION THEORY” TO ISRO SCIENTISTS at NIRMA UNIVERSITY. April 2010,
Executive Summary
Electronics and Communication Engineering professional with teaching Experience of 19 years (8years at NIT Trichy and a 11.5 years as a Founding Member at Dhirubhai Ambani IICT Gandhinagar). He has guided more than 40 M.Tech thesis students at NIT trichy and DAIICT Gandhinagar, and 3Ph.D students at DAIICT Gandhinagar. He is Senior Member of IEEE and Reviewer of IEEE Communication journals and IEEE sponsored conferences on communications like ICC and GLOBECOM etc. He is a Doctoral committee member and PhD thesis examiner for many universities ( like NIT Surat, DAIICT, Nirma University, Anna University, Manipal University, etc.) He is also Book reviewer for McGraw-Hill International, Tata-McGraw-Hill, etc. in the area of communication and signal processing.

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