In this project, MoS2 nanosheet-embedded MnO2 nanowire electrodes with different weight ratios have prepared for designing a solid-state-supercapacitors (SC). The MoS2 nanosheets were added to prevent fast oxidation of the MnO2 nanowires and provide additional pseudocapacitance. Electrochemical experiments reveal that the solid-state SC [MoS2/MnO2 (1:4)] has an outstanding specific capacitance of 118 F/cm2 at the scan rate of 20 mV/s and 212 F/g at the current density of 0.8 A/g. After 5000 long cycles, the capacitance of solid-state devices can be retained at around 84.1% with outstanding cyclic stability. The fabricated solid-state SC [MoS2/MnO2 (1:4)] produces a tremendous energy density of 29.5 W h/kg at a power density of 1316 W/kg. Hence, the MoS2/MnO2 composite is an advantageous electrode material for next-generation storage devices. As might be intended, all devices exhibit high pseudocapacitance, excellent charging–discharging, and good cycle stability. These remarkable characteristics demonstrate that the composite of MoS2 nanosheets and MnO2 nanowire electrodes can be used to produce high-performing solid-state SCs.

Dr. Bhaskar Kaviraj
Assistant Professor