Seminar on "Cyber Security Few Important and Interesting Issues

There is no doubt that in today’s scenario, due to the massive improvement of technologies, especially technology related to the Internet, the possibilities for transmitting multimedia data over the Internet or storing them on computers, mobiles, or cloud storage have increased enormously. The Internet of Things (IoT) has become increasingly important in our day-to-day lives as a result of the rapid growth of information technology. The Internet of Things is a technology that enables us to add a device to an inert object (viz. smart mobile phones, automobiles, plant electrical systems, sensors, actuators, and any other embedded devices, etc.) that aids us in sensing environmental and parameter. According to a recent analysis by “Juniper Research”, there will be 36.8 billion Industrial IoT connections worldwide by 2025, an increase of 107 percent from the 17.7 billion connections in 2020. Millions of IoT devices produce enormous amounts of digital data every second, exchange crucial messages over intricate networks, and monitor and manage vital smart world infrastructures, including the healthcare system. However, these sensitive data do not appear to be 100% secure. That is why, sometimes, it is easy for intruders to steal or distort digitally stored important data. But it is very important to protect this sensitive data from being stolen or distorted by hackers in certain fields, especially in the industrial or defense sectors. In the lecture, we shall point out few interesting and important issues related to cyber security and cyber fraud and will provide a few solutions to them.