Online ordering has always been a popular option amongst youth. It has seen an immense advancement in the midst of the pandemic and even after it. Ordering clothes online can be convenient but also a hassle in many instances. It happens especially when the clothes don't fit the buyers. Fitting depends upon the body measurements, including the height of the buyer. Virtual Reality (VR) is one of the available future technologies that might have great potential to address the issue when buying clothes online. The project explores the opportunity to develop a conceptual model using virtual reality, which can be incorporated into any existing shopping website. It will be a trial room model using VR space where people can try clothes from the website and give requests for alteration according to their height. The user can enter the virtual trial room using a VR headset; then, they need to create their avatars which can be done using haptic suits or by image processing using data points. The haptic suit or the data points will take the user's body dimensions to create their avatar. The user can use controllers to try on clothes and adjust lengths according to the heights of their avatars. The adjustments will be sent to the seller for alteration during ordering.

Student: Ritika Singh (M.Des. 2020-22) 

Faculty: Subhajit Chandra