Theoretical Computer Science (TCS) is vast and encompasses topics that are the foundations of computer science. TCS is in the realm of both mathematics and computer science.

Historically, it essentially dealt with questions such as, what do we mean by computation or what is an algorithm? In modern times, the question of efficient computation has become very important, and the design and analysis of efficient algorithms are at the very heart of computational sciences. The specific topic of computational topology and geometry is about designing efficient algorithms for geometric and topological problems. Geometric and topological issues are omnipresent in the scientific world and are very common daily. For example, it is computing the convex hull of a set of points in the plane, clustering a given data meaningfully, and locating the nearest best hospital from one's home. An efficient algorithm that solves these problems and scales to the demand of modern-day large and high-dimensional data is some of the core problems in the field. The Computer science department at SNU focuses on Topological Data Analysis.


  •  Dr. Sandeep Sen
  •  Dr. Siddharth Pritam