Thin Film Decomposition Laboratory

Our primary interest is focused on the functional materials at sub-500 nm thickness range, where fascinating science has manifested over the last decade. New materials with exotic properties and functions for the next generation electronic devices are being explored by growing thin epitaxial 2D/3D films, nano-materials, and hetero-structures using pulsed laser deposition and ion implantation of surfaces. Our group is currently interested in transparent oxide layers, homo/hetero junction, bandgap engineering, 2D layer-oxide interactions, strain engineering at sharp atomic interfaces, defect induced ferromagnetism and resistive switching. We are equally enthusiastic to apply energetic ion beam for material characterizations and modifications via impurity doping, atomic mixing, alloying, nano-structuring, and solid state catalysis processes.

Associated Faculty

Susanta Sinha Roy

Professor & Head

School of Natural Sciences

Aloke Kanjilal


School of Natural Sciences