Surface And Nano Science

Our research interest is interdisciplinary in nature, covering a variety of outstanding problems in science and technology of condensed matter physics. It involves ideas, techniques and conundrums from a wide range of fields including materials science, thin film science and technology, surface and interface, nanoscience, ion beam physics, optoelectronics and spintronics. We will initially focus on the synthesis of surface nanopatterns by low energy ion beams, and study of their fundamental properties using varieties of surface sensitive techniques. The growth of nanostructures embedded in thin films and at surfaces will also be carried out. Structural, electronic, chemical and physical properties will be studied for fabrication of novel semiconductor device structures. The tunable properties of the group IV semiconductors will be investigated and will be extended to other compound semiconductors, alloys and carbon based materils.

Associated Faculty

Aloke Kanjilal


School of Natural Sciences