Physics Of Neutron Stars

One of the main goals of studying astrophysics and high-energy physics is to know the properties of matter under extreme conditions.

Neutron stars are excellent astrophysical laboratories in this context, as all the properties that characterize a neutron star are extreme. We work on different models of neutron stars to understand their various astrophysical observations. Currently, we are interested in the following topics:

  • Constraining the Neutron stars' equation of state by using data from laboratory experiments and astrophysical observations, including gravitational waves.
  • Properties of Neutron Star crust.
  • Dynamical study of low-density nuclear matter relevant for Neutron Star crust and Supernova matter using molecular dynamics simulations on GPU platforms.
  • Study of hadron-quark phase transition inside Neutron Star core and its possible observational signatures.
  • Synthesis of heavy elements in binary Neutron Star mergers.
  • Understanding the physics of pulsar glitches.

Various oscillation modes of Neutron Stars etc

Associated Faculty

Rana Nandi

Assistant Professor

School of Natural Sciences