In the Geometry group of the Department, we are delving deeply into the intricate realms of Algebraic Geometry, Analytic Geometry, and Differential Geometry. Our exploration encompasses a broad spectrum of concepts and theoretical frameworks within these fields.

Professor Indranil Biswas has keen interests in a diverse array of topics. His focus areas include Moduli spaces, an examination of the fundamental properties and structures of Bundles and Varieties, and the study of Enumerative Geometry. He also delves into Arithmetic Geometry.  Furthermore, Professor Biswas is keenly interested in Mathematical Physics and positive characteristic methods. His research extends to Bundles on curves, especially those with unique structures like Higgs bundles and Vortices etc, providing insights into complex mathematical phenomena. 

On the other hand, Dr. Pradip Kumar is deeply immersed in the study of Minimal and Maximal surfaces. His current research focus is on intriguing questions related to admissible translations and half-translation structures on minimal surfaces. Additionally, Dr. Kumar is actively expanding knowledge in several facets of complex geometry, exploring its nuances and applications.