Mind, Body, Health

We are involved in studying the deeply intertwined relations between the mind/body and society. Locating individuals within their larger social context and historical processes, we explore the ways in which bodily practices, diseases and illnesses, and physical and mental healing and therapeutics, take us beyond the biological and psychological to the social. We recognise that discourses, experiences, and practices concerning the mind and body, and broader notions of wellbeing, are not simply individual but collectively shaped.  Drawing on diverse sociological and anthropological literature, our ethnographic work in this research area takes us to hospitals and clinics, dargahs and temples, gymnasiums and meditation centres, among other sites. We intend our work to lead to fruitful collaborations across disciplines, from sociology and anthropology to psychiatry, psychology, and biomedicine, to offer a nuanced understanding of the ways in which we as humans inhabit and make sense of the world through our minds and bodies.

Associated Faculty

Tuhina Ganguly

Assistant Professor

School of Humanities and Social Sciences