Life, Law and Governance

The intersection of life, law and government as an analytic suggests a convergence of life as a socio-biological sphere with legal research and governmentalities. This intersection has been associated with Foucauldian work, with a wider presence in social science and humanities that draws from Italian thought and political philosophy. Research queries that connect bio-philosophical concerns with current global challenges of health, rights, citizenship, security, inequality, governance, law, identity, and information technology become the focal points of this ensemble of ideas and its applicability. Our work in this area develops questions that empirically engage with life and law on the ground as it unfolds in constitutional and governance practices in local and regional ecologies and often, with a comparative lens on global resonance.

Associated Faculty

Devika Bordia

Associate Professor

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Yasmeen Arif

Professor and Head of Department

School of Humanities and Social Sciences