Environmental Economics Group


The environmental economics group at SNU focuses on multidisciplinary research that brings scientific aspects of ecological phenomena into economics. Needless to say that the impact of environmental factors on the economy has several long-term consequences. The group identifies such areas and works on relevant research questions that interest stakeholders in policy circles. Some current research themes are Enhancing environmental and livelihood resilience through protecting ecosystems and bio-diversity: The focus is on regional ecosystems, such as wetlands and forests, and communities deriving livelihoods from them. These aspects are increasingly getting interlinked and form an important area of research.

The political economy of environmental policy and management: This area deals with designing and implementing policies such as Payments for ecosystem services, carbon taxes, etc. Such policies can go a long way in mitigating environmental degradation and meeting the UN's sustainable development goals (SDGs). However, they can create discord among community members regarding the unequal distribution of resources or endowments. Working out the best implementable solution requires integrating political economy aspects with the problem.

The political economy of climate change mitigation and adaptation:  Climate change mitigation requires managing common property resources and efficiently utilizing groundwater, among other things. Conflicting interests create Inequality and result in mismanagement. Integrating political economy aspects into such problems also provides essential insights.  

Faculty: Trishita Ray Barman, Ashokankur Datta, Ram Ranjan