Development Economics Group


This research group focuses on various areas of Development Economics using tools of Applied Microeconomics. The core areas in which research is carried out are as follows.

Economics of Education: Topics on which past and ongoing work are being carried out include inter-caste marriage and education, gendered stream choice, educational loans, gendered peer effects in education, etc.

Health Economics: The faculty is currently working on topics like the effect of disease eradication on health outcomes, electoral cycles on health outcomes, policies enhancing access to healthcare facilities, etc.

Labor Economics: Current and past projects in this field include job polarization in Indian labor markets, the evolution of labor market gaps across religious groups, etc.

Political Economy: Research topics include affirmative action, female voting, transparency in the public good provision, governance issues, etc.

Topics on Inequality in access to resources based on gender, class, caste, and networks. The above list is indicative of a great deal of overlap. This allows for synergies among the group members.

Faculty: Shampa Bhattacharjee, Arka Roy Chaudhuri, Ashokankur Datta, Shabana Mitra, Punarjit Roychowdhury, Gitanjali Sen