Strength Of Material (SOM) Laboratory

The Strength of Material (SOM) laboratory contains equipment and facilities for testing different properties of materials as per relevant standards. The laboratory is equipped with universal testing machine (UTM), digital rebound hammer, impact strength testing, tensile testing, flexural testing, and hardness testing apparatus. This laboratory is used by undergraduate students of Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, as well as, by research scholars across the University for mechanical characterization of various types of materials. Additionally, this lab houses several setups for demonstrations related to structural engineering and design.

Laboratory Resources and Infrastructure

The laboratory is equipped with modern facilities to support teaching civil and mechanical engineering students.

  1. Mechanical strength testing
  2. Impact and hardness characterization
  3. Vibration measurement setups
  4. Setups for structural engineering and design demonstrations

Equipment Facility

Testing facilitites

  • Universal testing machine (UTM)
  • Rockwell cum Brinell Hardness Testing Apparatus
  • Spring Testing Machine
  • Impact Testing Machine
  • Spring Testing Machine

Demonstration setups

  • Column and Struts Apparatus
  • Suspension Bridge Apparatus
  • Deflection of Truss Apparatus
  • Deflection of Beam Apparatus
  • Three Hinged Arch Apparatus
  • Portal Frame Apparatus

Images from the lab


  • Faculty in-charge: Dr. Atri Nath
  • Lab Staff: Raju Gupta

Location: C 006