IoT and Wireless Laboratory

Internet of Things (IoT) will see millions of devices (sensors, smartphones, wearable devices, RFIDs, vehicles, etc.) connect and exchange information via the Internet.

Anything smart, be it Smart City, Smart Home, Smart Car, Smart Building, etc., will require complex new technologies and controlled experimental setups to enable timely and accurate information exchange. For such growth to happen and sustain, this area will need thousands of high-end jobs with skillful people who are experts in various IoT technologies, platforms, and systems.

Established with partial support from DELL Inc., the IoT Laboratory at SNU Computer Science and Engineering department is an ultra-modern smart facility and one of its kind in this part of the world, providing complete support for research and development of end-to-end IoT systems. The IoT Laboratory is equipped with sophisticated hardware such as microcontroller boards, sensors & actuators, LED screens, computing devices, IoT cloud interfaces, and gateway devices – all suitably integrated into an intelligent test environment.

This innovative lab offers specialized CSE courses, namely, Internet of Things, Wireless Sensor Networks, Wireless & Mobile Systems, and Distributed Systems. It provides opportunities for students to learn theoretical concepts and develop and deploy prototypes by performing hands-on experiments for real-life problems and funded research projects.