Cybersecurity Laboratory

The lab focuses on studying algorithms and systems that protect the security and integrity of computer systems, the information they store, and the people who use them.

The major thrust areas presently being researched in this lab include data security and privacy, network security, information security, and cryptography. Besides research, the lab provides a strong foundation to students and industry professionals on 'security' by offering courses and labs in Network Security, Information Security, etc.

Researchers in this lab are working on mitigating vulnerabilities and rampant attacks on the Internet, such as backdoor attacks, denial-of-service attacks, direct-access attacks, eavesdropping, spoofing, tampering, privilege escalation, phishing, clickjacking, and social engineering. These attacks present a considerable risk to financial systems, utilities and industrial equipment, aviation, consumer devices, large corporations, automobiles, government, and medical facilities. The lab also focuses on cryptography topics like Symmetric-key cryptography, Public-key cryptography, Cryptanalysis, Cryptographic primitives, and Cryptosystems to secure the digital world we are moving into.

Researchers in this lab publish in top-tier journals and conferences. The lab provides a robust cyber security education program and is n the process of developing collaboration with academia, industry, and government labs to enhance research.