Civil Engineering Computing Laboratory

The Department of Civil Engineering has a UG and PhD curriculum to create strong focus on emerging and disruptive technologies such as Machine Learning (ML), and Remote Sensing (RS) along with core subjects at UG and Ph.D. levels. The B.Tech. Civil Engineering program has been strengthened by including UG courses on “Machine learning for Civil Engineering”, “Computational methods”, “Risk and reliability analysis” and “Remote sensing & GIS”. To cater the computational requirements for these courses as well as the other courses of Civil Engineering, the department has a dedicated laboratory that is well-equipped with several desktop computers and workstations. In addition to this, the Civil Engineering Software Laboratory also caters to the computational requirements of UG and PG researchers who are working in different research projects.

Images from the lab

Laboratory Resources and Infrastructure

The Civil Engineering Software Laboratory is equipped with more than 30 desktop computers and workstations. The laboratory is also equipped with software packages meant for research including statistical (MATLAB, IBM SPSS Statistics) and plotting (Sigmaplot) tools. Multiple licenses of ArcGIS (GIS package used for inter-disciplinary research), TRNSYS-18 (used for building energy modeling), Techplot 360 (used for the post-processing and plotting of flow data) and license of DesignBuilder package are available. Also, the computational facility is equipped with the various open-source software packages including EnergyPlus, OpenStudio, and QGIS. The facility is also used by the UG researchers for summer internships, Opportunities for Undergraduate Research (OUR) projects and final year research projects.


  • Faculty in-charge: Hitesh Upreti
  • Lab Staff: Raju Gupta

Location: C-116