Quantum Materials

Recent stream in the area of condensed matter physics is the quest for novel and exotic phases in a system which has the capability for a new functioning.

In this respect, “Quantum materials” draws huge attention, consisting of vast classes of compounds and phenomena where the role of quantum mechanics is predominantly visible. The properties of “Quantum materials” are susceptible to external perturbations because of competing interactions and hence can be tuned to several exotic quantum phases.

Our group is currently working on the following topics:

  • Frustrated magnetic systems can show a new state of matter called quantum spin liquid. To stabilize such a state is very rare even after 50 years of the theoretical proposal.
  • In some rare systems, external tuning parameters (pressure, magnetic field etc.) can reduce the magnetic ordering temperature down to T=0 K, where quantum fluctuations dominate, resulting in an exotic non-Fermi liquid behaviour. The point at which the ordering is at T=0 K is called the quantum critical point.
  • Magnetic topological insulators and magnetic topological semimetals have drawn an enormous interest recently because the interplay of magnetism and non-trivial band topology can produce exotic states, e.g. Weyl semimetal.

We synthesize new quantum materials to discover those exotic behaviour mentioned above and employ bulk techniques (e.g. Magnetization, heat capacity, resistivity etc.) and then, to unravel the microscopic nature of the ground state, we utilize Muon Spin Relaxation/Rotation, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Neutron scattering techniques.

Associated Faculty

Mayukh Majumder

Assistant Professor

School of Natural Sciences