Dielectric Materials

Our research interests are related to the synthesis and understanding of the basic properties of novel piezoelectric, ferroelectric and multiferroic materials.

The tuning of their properties opens up the possibilities of various technological applications. They have capacity to hold electrostatic field for a longer duration because each atom in these materials has tendency to become an electric dipole and are known as “electret”, an electrical analogue of magnet. Dielectric materials have been broadly classified into two categories viz. active and passive dielectrics. Our research is focused on the active dielectrics having mainly three field responsive directions which are known as electric axis, optic axis and mechanical axis. For example, such materials generate electric polarization in a particular direction if a stress or optical field is applied along another direction and vice-versa. Such interesting features are being exploited for making piezo, magnetic, and optical sensors, memory, transducers and actuators.

Associated Faculty

Susanta Sinha Roy

Professor & Head

School of Natural Sciences