‘Zikr-e-Itr’ is a poetic visual journey of ‘Itr’ (traditional perfume) that evolved as a culture and left an imprint on the sensory experience enjoyed by the human race. The stories behind its derivation, the emperors’ passion for it, and its adaptation by the masses made its journey more fascinating. Taking inspiration from the 2020 Pulitzer finalist 'The Jungle Prince of Delhi' a short docu-fiction animation film that illustrates a parallel drama of Wajid Ali Shah (last Nawab of Awadh) his fascination for Itr, his annexation in the 1850s, alongside Wilayat Begum claiming to be the last royal family of Awadh descendent of the Nawab on 21st Century. The animation tries to capture the reminiscence of the bygone era of Lucknow then and now through moving miniatures.

Faculty: Snigdha Banerjee