Meitei Mayek (script/lipi), is an indigenous script used to write Manipuri language. Manipuri had been written in Bengali script for a considerable amount of time in past. In 2005, an effort was made to replace the Bengali script with Meitei Mayek in all forms of communication. The original Meitei script has recently been adopted to write the Manipuri language. With this change, many typeface designers have either designed or attempted to design Manipuri typefaces for various purposes of use, including fonts for digital devices. Since there is a growing demand for digital devices, a demand for digital font is also growing in the context of digital communication. Here, an effort was made to design the script for digital use retaining the aesthetics, value, cultural aspect, and taste connected to the traditional Manipur script. The project addresses the unavailability and issues of digital typefaces in Meitei script. The objective of the project is to design a Meitei typeface for digital displays and develop a font as a part of the deliverable.

Student: Ishani Dayal (M.Des. 2021-23) 

Faculty: Subhajit Chandra