Product and Fabrication Studio

A product idea at conception, sketched on a piece of paper, or digitally modelled in software is incomplete unless realised as a tangible entity. Product Modelling and Fabrication Studio facilitates this transition from an idea to a physical model or a prototype. This transition is an essential step in the design process and also allows novice designers to acquire fabrication skills and experience the fun of learning by doing. The studio is equipped with tools and machines for making scaled models and prototype products using various materials like metals, wood, clay, polymers etc. It is maintained and managed by 2 lab technicians trained and experienced in operating the tools and equipment. 

Studio Equipment:

Lathe Machine (KL-410-1000MM): High precision lathe machine, furnished with different tools and accessories, is a vital fabrication equipment that performs a large variety of operations, including turning, facing, drilling, boring, parting to complex operations like tapering, internal and external threading, etc. It can be used for machining different materials like metals, wood, polymers, etc.

Bench Lathe cum Micro Milling Machine (M-4): A bench lathe cum milling machine is a perfect combination of the two most important devices used for product fabrication. The duo enables performing multiple operations on the workpiece without removing or shifting the workpiece. This equipment is ideally suitable for machining small components and can be used for machining different materials like metals, wood, polymers, etc.

Hot Wire Cutting Machine: Hot wire cutting machine (both table-top and hand-held) comes very handy in making a product mock-up using materials like Thermocol, Ecofoam, Rubbersole, High Impact Polystyrene (H.I.P.), Acrylic etc.

Welding Unit: A well-equipped welding unit is capable of performing Arc welding as well as TIG welding. This unit can weld materials ranging from mild steel components, copper, and aluminium. The lightweight portable model gives it the flexibility to move if it is impossible for the workpiece to be moved. We also have a gas torch welding facility, a welding booth, and other accessories. 

Wood Planer Machine: A wood planer machine is an important piece of equipment for flattening and smoothing any wooden surface. Compared to traditional planer tools, this machine is quick and can precisely remove a smaller or large quantity of wood from the surface. The equipment enables the students to prototype products with high-quality finishes.

Table Saw: A table saw is wood machining equipment that parts wood pieces of different dimensions precisely within a fraction of a second. This machine also facilitates wood cutting of varying thicknesses and angles with precision, which is required for fabricating different wooden products.

Vertical Milling Machine: Vertical milling machine finds excellent utility in fabrication. It enables making any slots/grooves or removal of surface material at different depths from the workpiece and even performs drilling and boring operations. This machine can be used for machining various materials like metals, wood, polymers, etc.

Sander Machine: Sander machine is useful for different material removal processes from workpiece surfaces. It plays a vital role in relieving the manual method using sandpaper. It is used to give the products a fine surface finish and is also very useful in product form development. It is used for machining metal, wood, nylon, acrylic, plaster of Paris, etc.


B-Block, Ground Floor (Room No B003)