Shiv Nadar University Hosts Genomics India Conference 2024

GIC 2024 - Stay ahead of the curve in genomics

Network with leading experts. Gain new skills and techniques. Explore career opportunities at GIC 2024, your one-stop destination, not just to be technologically aware but also to be on par with it.

The fourth in the Genomics India series, this conference will feature cutting-edge research into the latest advances in genetic technologies, with a focus on sharing path-breaking findings.

GIC2024 is a great forum for researchers, clinicians, and other professionals to stay up-to-date on the latest research and developments in the field of genomics. A plethora of topics will be covered, including applications of genomics in the fields of Cancer Genomics, Inherited Diseases, Diagnostics, Biopharma, Vaccine Development, Agriculture, Microbiome, Infectious Diseases, and so much more! The conference will have an exciting line of speakers and panellists, including renowned luminaries from the Indian and International diaspora who shall deliver their talk across multiple session sessions spread across 3 days. An ideal platform for networking and collaboration, GIC2024 will bring together industry, academia, startups, government & profit and non-profit organizations of the Biotech sector, providing you with unlimited opportunity to interact with key opinion leaders.