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Our Projects

The Opportunities for Undergraduate Research (OUR) is one of the pioneering and flagship program at Shiv Nadar University which has paved the way for undergraduate students to conduct original research with faculty.

Undergraduate students are provided an unprecedented, well-rounded education by synthesizing broad, and strong interdisciplinary foundation with a solid training in their selected discipline - exemplifying the importance of research in the DNA of the University. The OUR program aims to give students hands-on experience in conducting research and doing independent work under faculty supervision. This program has paved the way for students to learn by discovery; have greater student-faculty interaction; expand the level of research activity on campus besides helping to identify and train potential candidates for the University’s graduate programs. Through the program, students are expected to develop foundational understanding of how research is conducted in their disciplines, develop a greater understanding of the information resources available and the way to utilize them as well as how to interpret research outcomes.

e.g. computer science, civil engineering

Fluorinated carbon-based nanoparticles coatings as anti-biofouling surfaces

Department of Chemistry
Fluorinated carbon-based nanoparticles coatings as anti-biofouling surfaces

Chemically and photochemically controlled molecular switching materials

Department of Chemistry
Objectives & Goals Radiative pathways in photoactive chromophores can be tuned by introducing rigidity of the molecular backbone through... read more

An Analysis of the Correlation between Totally Non-negative Matrices and Planar Networks

Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering
Totally Nonnegative (TN) matrices have been studied and used in the fields of computer vision, document clustering, big data analytics, audio signal... read more

Computation of novel nano-structures for physico-chemical applications in Research and Industry

Department of Chemistry, Center for Informatics
Computation of novel nano- structures for physico- chemical applications in Research and Industry