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Research Facilities

At Shiv Nadar University Research Excellence is achieved and cultivated through pedagogical training, perseverance and extraordinary research. Pushing the boundaries of research, the University houses state-of-the-art cutting edge research infrastructure and facilities.

  • Chemical Biology Laboratory

    Department of Chemistry

    Medicinal Chemistry, Bioorganic Chemistry, Coordination Chemistry, Nanomaterials and Chemical Biology. Research in our laboratory is focused on two major areas:...

  • Potentiometric Titration Lab

    Department of Chemistry

    Metrohm 888 Titrando and pH Meter Model 913 (from INDO-FRENCH Grant (IFC/A/5605-1/2016/1139) Metrohm 888 Titrando is advanced automatic titrators have been...

  • Catalysis Lab

    Department of Chemistry

    Catalysis lab The primary motivations of catalysis laboratory is to develop new heterogeneous and homogeneous catalyst for C-H and O-H activation using first row...

  • Cybersecurity Lab

    Department of Computer Science and Engineering

    The lab focuses on the studying algorithms and...

  • Multi-Functional Composites (MFC) Lab

    Department of Mechanical Engineering

    The primary goal of our research work is derivation of asymptotically accurate analytical solutions (three dimensional warping functions, reduced order constitutive...

  • Thermal Energy System and Refrigeration Lab

    Department of Mechanical Engineering

  • Advanced Manufacturing Lab

    Department of Mechanical Engineering

    Manufacturing is the conversion of raw materials into desired end products. The word derives from two Latin roots meaning hand and make. Advanced manufacturing processes...

  • Nanomaterials Synthesis/Characterization Labs

    Department of Mechanical Engineering

    Cancer is one of the majorly concerned diseases among the medical/scientific communities in modern world. Cancer disease prevails among human population regardless of...


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