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Bachelor of Management Studies

The Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) has been developed as a unique offering in India. It will provide its selected cohort of students with a strong foundation of specialized knowledge, experiential learning and opportunities for early global exposure. It is aimed at producing well rounded global citizens who have a broad multidisciplinary base of knowledge and a ‘world view’ – Shiv Nadar University, Delhi NCR’s special differentiator- along with depth and specialization in several job-oriented and ‘in-demand’ areas in Management. The goal is to give students the best of both worlds – versatility that prepares them for any career, including higher education and targeted acceleration into chosen career tracks.

School of Management and Entrepreneurship (SME)
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Jagmeet Kaur
Core Credits 
Major Electives 
University Wide Electives (min) 
Core Common Curriculum (min) 

BMS Program at Shiv Nadar University, Delhi NCR gives an opportunity to students to pursue their interest in the specific area of management that they have a flair for. The program has fewer credits on core courses, and more on elective courses. Every student has to take 76 core credits, and 32 departmental elective credits. The students can start taking elective courses from the very first year of undergraduate studies as long as prerequisites, if any, are met by the students. In addition to departmental core and electives, a student has to satisfy the university requirements of 42 credits combining University-Wide Electives (UWE) and Core Common Curriculum (CCC) with a minimum of 18 credits of each type. Depending on aptitude and interest, a student may specialize in one or two managerial areas, say in Marketing and Finance; or Information Systems and Finance (and so on). Different specialization areas are Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship and International Business; Decision Sciences and Operations Management; Economics and Public Policy; Organizational Behavior and Human Resources; Marketing; Finance, Accounting and Control. Every student has to complete a social sector internship (6 credits), and a business sector internship (6 credits). The total credit requirements for BMS is 150, and the minimum duration for the program is 3 years, and maximum duration is 6 years.




Core Courses in Management Studies:  Foundation Courses

The foundational courses aims to build the basic understanding of the theories and practice of management

Years 1, 2 & 3

64 Credits

Departmental Elective Courses

Selected from a wide range of course offerings covering diverse areas and sub-fields

Selected from options available

from Semester 2 of Year 1

32 Credits

Social Sector Internship

Students will do a Social Sector Internship

End of Year 2 to beginning of Year 3

6 Credits

Business Internship

Students will do a business internship to get hands-on exposure to the challenges of the managerial profession

End of Year 3

6 Credits


Minimum 3 Years to Maximum 6 Years

108 Credits*

*The rest 42 credits would be made from UWEs and CCCs as per University norms. Please see Undergraduate Handbook for more information on UWEs and CCCs on the following link: