Dual Emission through Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence and Room-Temperature Phosphorescence in an organic semiconductor: Novel Thermal Enhancement Mechanism

09 May 2018

Dr. Ray’s research group (Department of Chemistry) synthesized a unique organic semiconductor for light emission. This semiconductor showed dual emission via delayed fluorescence and phosphorescence at ambient conditions. This is the first time that we showed thermal enhancement of both delayed fluorescence and phosphorescence above room-temperature. We discovered a new way of light-harvesting, and explained the novel mechanism using various spectroscopic techniques and theoretical studies.

For more details, see the links here: https://bit.ly/2ru8xzO and https://bit.ly/2sNA7sp

You can also see the audio presentations here: https://bit.ly/2HC2miu and https://bit.ly/2LlEB4P

Please also check - https://bit.ly/2NGYiB0, https://bit.ly/2LlEB4P, ​https://bit.ly/2NGYiB0 and https://bit.ly/2M0EIPF