Autonomy and the Political: A Brief History of an Idea, Lectures by Dr. Leonhard Emmerling and Discussant: Dr. Premjish Achari

29 Jan 2018

29th January 2018: The first Iecture will give brief Introduction Into the topic and the rough structure.The idea of the autonomy of art will be lntroduced and elaborated by expounding kant's ideas in the 'Critique of judgement', The relationship between 'purposiveness without purpose' and 'disinterested pleasure'.

31st January 2018: Friedrich Schiller's response to Kant, and why Beauty needs to be replaced by the Sublime. Hegel's dictum of 'the end of art' and why art irrelevant in relationship to the concept of truth.

7th February 2018: Tragedy vs. Happiness: Stendhal's concept of 'promesse de bonheur'. Friedrich Nietzsche's concept of art and beauty and why art should transgress the mere human.

12th February 2018: Autonomy In Theodor Adorno's theory. A short digression from theory: The expansion of the work of art into the realm of real life - German Exprassionism,Futurism and Surrealism. Joseph Beuys and related Performance art:The crossing of the aesthetic difference.

14th February 2018: Autonomy In Nikias Luhmann's Theory. The question of Relational Aesthetics. Jaques Ranciere's answer and Alain Badious concept of the event with lt's implications (the powerlessness of truth). Conclusion: What makes the Autonomous the Political? What makes the Autonomous the Subversive?