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In Memoriam

The Shiv Nadar University mourns the loss of some of our dear colleagues and friends. These faculty members have been the foundation on which this university has been built. Their loss will be deeply felt, even as they continue to live on in the legacy they leave behind through their work and their students. The university remembers these amazing personalities as forever woven into the fabric of the university’s history and its future.   

Tushar Joag (1966 – 2018) lived his life as an engaged artist-citizen, locating art as a tool of social and political change, and embedded in real life. Describing himself as a public intervention artist, Joag is arguably one of the pioneers of public art in India through which he honed his guerrilla-like performative actions in the public sphere. Locating his practice through aesthetics and politics, Joag investigated the geopolitical paradigm of his time, particularly economic liberalization and global capital. He aligned with persuasive subaltern movements that critiqued policies of both the state and capitalist regimes. At the same time, he was aware of his caste, class and gender privileges which extended his quest to understand hegemonies both at home and the world. He co-founded the Open Circle (1998-2008) with the firm belief that art is for people hence collaborated with a range of thinkers and practitioners from other fields at the World Social Forum, Mumbai (2004). He curated exhibitions, performances and social actions within the context of free exchange of ideas and proposals for better governance which functioned through activist modes of protest and resistance in
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We are blessed to have known a person like Dr. Sunanda Sukumar. She was a woman of strength and a lively spirit too. If one day we will want to see her again, then we should not look anywhere but within our students across the departments and schools as she has nurtured and trained many of them. Sunanda was born to be a scholar and a teacher. She had a mind both incisive and sympathetic. And we in SNU, were lucky to have her valuable keenness, her dignity and purpose, in our midst.   
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Aniket Jaaware was one of the foremost intellectuals in the country and a much loved teacher of English Literature. His teaching interests were broad ranging. Former students in Pune University still discuss his legendary classes on Hamlet and Paradise Lost. At SNU, he moved effortlessly between courses on poetry, science fiction and fantasy literature. The novels of J. R. R. Tolkein remained a life long interest and he’d pasted what he claimed was a fragment of the Elvish script on his office door! Aniket combined the qualities that made him a beloved and highly respected teacher throughout his life with the stamina, scholarly rigor and conceptual daring characteristic of researchers of the highest quality. His 2001 book Simplifications was a cutting edge enterprise that showed generations of Indian students and scholars how the great conceptual breakthroughs of Saussure, Foucault, Lacan and Derrida could transform and rejuvenate their thinking. Moreover, Aniket shared with some of the best scholars to come out of India, a quality that is quite rare in the rest of the world. He was as familiar with the details and nuances of his native (Marathi) literary culture as with the
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