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Laboratory Assistant - Center for Environmental Sciences & Engineering - SNS

Job Details
Laboratory Assistant
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Center for Environmental Sciences & Engineering (CESE)
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Job Description 

The Laboratory Assistant will oversee the usage and up keep of equipments, chemicals, glasswares, etc. and assist the researchers in the laboratory in experimentation.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  1. To assist all researchers in conducting experiments, collection of samples, recording observations in the lab/ field and providing help in data analysis and data transfer.

  2. To download and maintain weather data from Automatic Weather Station.

  3. To maintain records of instruments such as AMC, usage, chemical usage and requirements of chemicals, glassware, etc. and to procure necessary common consumables as and when required for efficient running of the Lab.

  4. To maintain the booking schedule of various equipment for users.

  5. To prepare Solutions, Reagents, Stains, Culture media as required

  6. To clean used glasswares, sterilize glassware and culture media

  7. To maintain up to date record of all consumables - chemicals, glasswares in the Lab.

  8. To maintain account, bills related to laboratory materials and submit bills to finance

  9. To assist faculty in floristic studies, collection of plants, preparation of herbarium specimens, mounting on herbarium sheets.

  10. Maintenance and up keep of SNU Herbarium.

  11. To maintain cleanliness in the laboratory and getting it cleaned by the concerned persons.

Key Skills:

  1. Good Knowledge of working of common laboratory equipments/instruments related to air and water pollution and plant analysis

  2. Good Knowledge of laboratory techniques in Botany/ Microbiology/ Environmental sciences: preparation of reagents, solutions, stains, sterilization of glassware, preparation of culture media, etc.

  3. Good knowledge of plant collection, herbarium preparation, maintenance of herbarium

  4. Basic knowledge of computers for maintenance of records

Other Specifications:

Prepared to work even during holidays as and when required

Education Qualifications and Experience:


Essential: B.Sc. (Botany, Chemistry, Zoology); MSc Botany/Environmental Science;

Desirable: Laboratory Technicians Diploma/Certificate course OR

Experience: 1-2 years in a reputed academic institution