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Hostel Warden (Male)

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Director of Students
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Job Description 

Roles & Responsibilities

  1. Support the University’s equality and diversity commitment.
  2. Responsible for the health, hygiene, and general welfare of the students residing in the hostels that are specifically assigned to her and shall attend to all matters of health, sickness, diet, sanitation, and cleanliness in accordance with laid down orders/guidelines.
  3.  Responsible for the resident students and shall ensure that the students concerned observe the rules framed for their guidance and maintenance of decorum.
  4. Manage discipline in the hostel in line with the University’s Disciplinary Procedures for Students and Codes of Conduct – referring more serious disciplinary issues to the Head Hostel Administration / Associate Director and Head of Student Life.
  5. Manage the response to incidents and emergencies relating to the health, safety, and general wellbeing of students and liaise effectively with the other wardens on campus, the Head Hostel Administration / Associate Director and Head of Student Life and support services, where appropriate and within existing procedures.
  6. Assist the Head Hostel Administration / Associate Director and Head of Student Life with the admission process of new students.
  7. Establish and maintain appropriate social contact with students.
  8. Provide relevant information about the students whenever it is required.
  9. Offer appropriate first aid support when needed.
  10. Take part in the implementation of fire drills, crime prevention, and health & safety awareness initiatives
  11. Respond to on-site emergencies during out-of-hours (burst pipes, broken windows, burglaries, locked out of rooms etc.)
  12. Produce an Annual Report for each academic year
  13. Deliver services effectively, a degree of flexibility is needed, and the post holder may be required to perform work not specifically referred to above.
  14. Ensure bullying & ragging-free Hostel.  Maintain Free Spirit Hostels.
  15. Surprise rounds of the hostels including surprise checks of the dorms.
  16. Produce written reports to the Head Hostel Administration / Associate Director and Head of Student Life/ Disciplinary Committee for disciplinary hearings and where necessary, to attend such hearings.
  17. Required to stay in the Warden’s accommodation during his tenure at the University.

Mandatory key skills -

  1. Good written and verbal communication skills
  2. Fair knowledge of English and Hindi languages
  3. Working knowledge of Microsoft word and excel
  4. Proactive, resourceful and flexible.
  5. Ready to take on responsibilities