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Deakin University, Australia

Deakin University, Australia

SNU and Deakin University have an agreement to facilitate:

  1. Sharing of information relevant to potential collaborative research and development projects to facilitate an understanding of each party’s expertise, capabilities and requirements.
  2. Collaborative research and development projects in the areas of Business and Law, but not limited to these areas only.
  3. Joint PhD Supervision such as in-country programs or Joint PhD Programs.
  4. Staff and Student Exchange including Reciprocal PhD Student Mobility programs.
  5. Collaborative Basic and Applied Research, including Joint Project Development and Grant Applications.
  6. Joint Publications.
  7. Training in postgraduate research and industrial research.
  8. Other activities that further enhance the mutual interests of the parties.

About Deakin University

With internationally recognised quality of research and teaching, Deakin ranks 211 in the prestigious Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) putting Deakin in the top 1% of the world’s universities. Deakin University’s course curriculum integrates real-world expertise with practical skills to give our students a competitive edge.

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