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Shiv Nadar University believes in the age-old Indian philosophy that is exemplified in the Sanskrit word for a University – ‘Vishwavidyalaya,’ literally meaning a global school. We believe that we cannot be a world-class university without having a global outlook. We also believe that the creation of new knowledge at the university campuses transcends the human-made boundaries.

The university is built on a vision that knowledge assists in global transformation, and the development of humanity at large. This is truly in line with the ancient wisdom of ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam,’ which India has gifted to the world.

We aspire to attract scholars and students from the whole world and want to create a campus that is truly a microcosm of different languages, cultures, ethnicities, and people of colors. We will create an academic space that allows freedom of thought, expression, beliefs as well as a culture that enables intellectual discourse and critical examination of the human mind, and the physical world. With these ambitious goals in mind, the international office at the University works on the following six broad areas, typically considered as indicators of internationalization:

(i) Work closely with the departments and faculty members to secure international grants, and fellowships for our students, faculty, and the university; 
(ii) To create opportunities for international mobility of students and staff; 
(iii) To forge and drive international partnerships with credible foreign universities and other international agencies; 
(iv) To facilitate admissions of international/NRI students to various programs offered by the university; 
(v) To attract international researchers and scholars to Shiv Nadar University and facilitate their interaction with the university community and engagement in intellectual discourses; and 
(vi) To help SNU students, wanting to pursue higher studies abroad, secure admissions to programs/institutions that are best fit for their interests and abilities, thus creating a global brand for the university. 

A comprehensive internationalization strategy was recently approved by the Executive Council of the university encompassing following seven broad areas including international student recruitment plan:

  1. Proportion of international students
  2. Proportion of students going for study abroad, international work experience, internship, service projects, volunteering etc.
  3. Proportion of international faculty/staff
  4. Proportion of research published with an international co-author
  5. Proportion of research earnings from international sources
  6. Proportion of students going for graduate studies abroad
  7. International awards for faculty/staff/alumni/students