Symposium: Indian Craft and Globalization – Challenges and Opportunities | Shiv Nadar University
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Symposium: Indian Craft and Globalization – Challenges and Opportunities

Design discipline organized a one-day symposium on ‘Indian Craft and Globalization – Challenges and Opportunities’. The symposium was focused on exploring and understanding the existing challenges faced by the Indian Craft Sector, and how academia may contribute to meeting those challenges. 

Event Date: 
Tuesday, October 4, 2016 - 00:00

Crafts have always been an integral of the Indian society. India opened up its economy and adapted to globalisation in the early nineties. This has put a lot of pressure on business as usual of craft-based industries. In the current globalised market, owing to the popularization of machine-based low cost and superior quality consumer goods, the Indian craft industry is facing enormous problems. As there has been the evolution of the modern market system economy, the artisans have lost their holds over the old patron-client market network. In the globalization times, though with their products going global and increasing demand for it, there is a rise in the handicraft sector economy, still 'the artisans have become increasingly dependent on middlemen like petty merchant capitalists who pay the artisans in wage on piece rate bases.'

The government's initiative to create cooperatives has not become much successful. A report says there are over 25 lakh craftspersons in India, based mostly in the villages who are not used to interact with buyers and don't have the necessary skills to safeguard their own interests. Illiteracy often makes them more vulnerable. In this context design educators at Shiv Nadar University (SNU) believes that design schools can play a significant role in contextualising Indian craft in the current global context. The proposed symposium is an attempt to explore and understand the existing challenges faced by craft sector and how design can contribute to its growth. The symposium focuses on understanding the problem from various perspective e.g. industry, government, academia etc. This symposium revealed missed opportunities in popularising Indian craft on a global stage. 

List of distinguished speakers

  • Prof. Lalit Das, former Head of IDDC, IIT Delhi.
  • Prof. Sharique Farooqi, Associate Professor, Ambedkar University, Delhi; former Director, Craft Development Institute, Srinagar
  • Prof. Ravi Mokashi, former Head, Department of Design, IIT Guwahati
  • Mr Anuj Prasad, CEO- Desmania Design, New Delhi
  • Ms Zohra Chatterjee, IAS (retired), Chairman- UP Institute of Design; former Secretary, Ministry of Textile, New Delhi
Tuesday 04, Oct 2016
Seminar Hall, 2nd Floor, E-Wing, Shiv Nadar University