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Course Catalog

Shiv Nadar University course catalog is a comprehensive description all courses offered thus far. However, not all the courses are necessarily offered in any given term. Following is the list of all the courses and its details.
Course Name Course Code Level Subject Areas
Uses of Energy in Daily Life CCC624 Undergraduate University Level Offering
Values and Business Ethics MGT301 Undergraduate General Management
Values and Ethics CCC643 Undergraduate University Level Offering
Vector Calculus and Geometry Mat132 Undergraduate Mathematics
Vernacular Literary Practices ENG446 Undergraduate English
Victorian Novels ENG320 Undergraduate English
Visible & invisible light wave CCC602 Undergraduate University Level Offering
Visual Communication COM291 Undergraduate Communication
Visual Effects & Grading COM757 Graduate University Level Offering
Visual Turn in Intl. Politics CCC231 Undergraduate University Level Offering
VLSI Design and Modelling EED800 Graduate Electrical Engineering
VLSI Design and Test Flow EED614 Graduate Electrical Engineering