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Course Catalog

Shiv Nadar University course catalog is a comprehensive description all courses offered thus far. However, not all the courses are necessarily offered in any given term. Following is the list of all the courses and its details.
Course Name Course Code Level Subject Areas
Undergraduate Thesis- part I SOC401 Undergraduate Sociology
Understanding Behavior In Org. MGMT01 Undergraduate Decision Sciences, Operations Management, and Information Systems
Understanding China INT133 Undergraduate International Relations and Governance Studies
Understanding Distribution Cha EXP607 Graduate University Level Offering
Understanding Govt Finanance.. CCC819 Undergraduate University Level Offering
Understanding Jazz CCC327 Undergraduate University Level Offering
Understanding Literature CCC328 Undergraduate University Level Offering
Understanding Modernity SOC102 Undergraduate Sociology
Unit Operation CHD228 Undergraduate Chemical Engineering
Urban and Industrial Water – C WSP511 Graduate Center for Public Affairs and Critical Theory (C-PACT)
Urban Transportation CCC642 Undergraduate University Level Offering
US - China Relations CCC291 Undergraduate University Level Offering