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Course Catalog

Shiv Nadar University course catalog is a comprehensive description all courses offered thus far. However, not all the courses are necessarily offered in any given term. Following is the list of all the courses and its details.
Course Name Course Code Level Subject Areas
The Harappan Civilization CCC104 Undergraduate University Level Offering
The Language Game of Literature ENG141 Undergraduate English
The Life of Law SOC317 Undergraduate Sociology
The Literary and the Visual ENG641 Graduate English
The Long Renaissance ENG645 Graduate English
The Mahabharata CCC329 Undergraduate University Level Offering
The Mind in Martial Arts CCC325 Undergraduate University Level Offering
The Moving Image- Form and Function ART652 Graduate Art & Performing Art
The Nation and Nationalism CCC228 Undergraduate University Level Offering
The Novel in 19th Cen. Europe ENG617 Graduate English
The Novel in 19th Century Europe ENG637 Graduate English
The Opium Question: Writings on the opium wars (1839-1860) HIS316 Undergraduate History