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Course Catalog

Shiv Nadar University course catalog is a comprehensive description all courses offered thus far. However, not all the courses are necessarily offered in any given term. Following is the list of all the courses and its details.
Course Name Course Code Level Subject Areas
Work, Labour, Industry SOC301 Undergraduate Sociology
World Economy: From Growth to Crisis ECO462 Undergraduate Economics
World Folk Literature ENG445 Undergraduate English
Writing Anthropology: Codes and Procedures SOC411 Undergraduate Sociology
Writing Ghazals In English CCC308 Undergraduate University Level Offering
Writing Narratives ENG422 Undergraduate English
Writing Narratives ENG642 Graduate English
Writing Narratives ENG607 Graduate English
Writing the Body ADP101 Undergraduate Art & Performing Art
Writing the Body ADP215 Undergraduate Art & Performing Art
Written Analysis and Communications MGT502 Graduate General Management
Written Analysis and Communications 2 MGT503 Graduate University Level Offering