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Course Catalog

Shiv Nadar University course catalog is a comprehensive description all courses offered thus far. However, not all the courses are necessarily offered in any given term. Following is the list of all the courses and its details.
Course Name Course Code Level Subject Areas
Applied Machine Learning EED363 Undergraduate Electrical Engineering
Applied Research In Development Economics ECO685 Graduate Economics
Applied Statistics CED642 Graduate Civil Engineering
Applied Theatre 1 CCC322 Undergraduate University Level Offering
Applied Thermodynamics MED301 Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering
Applied?Tribology MED317 Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering
Approaches to Art: Themes and Theories ART602 Graduate Art & Performing Art
Approaches to Art: Themes and Theories II ART702 Graduate Art & Performing Art
Aquifers WSP504 Graduate Center for Public Affairs and Critical Theory (C-PACT)
Archaeology and Death HIS302 Undergraduate History
Archaeology of Cities HIS301 Undergraduate History
Archaeology of South Asia ARC201 Undergraduate University Level Offering


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